communication and media designer specialized in motion design and cinematogrphy based in Spain


Crowdintouch App (Case Study)

Crowdfunding has become a common way to get budget for bringing ideas to life: The democratic tool that let not only enterpeneurs and artists to get their project financed; It let’s also common people doing it.

This fundraising method makes accesible getting money for our ideas. but we need to communicate your product / initiative properly to reach the crowd that let us archive the fundraising goal we set.

Crowdintouch helps you to identify your target group, stakeholders and the touchpoints where you can reach them. The app also helps you to understand your crowd and their needs in order to focus the communication and gives you ideas of steps you can try to convert your crowd into patrons of your project.

Crowdintouch let you concentrate on the most important thing: Your project while getting it fundraised.

Miguel Moebius